How It Works:

ClickTicker™ streams your critical ad-data, using state of the art, next generation reporting technology which self-updates every second. Always live. Always real time. To keep it simple we have mimicked the set up process you are likely using on existing neophyte solutions. Its as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Create Unique Tracking Link
2. Place Conversion Pixel Or Postback
3. Go LIVE


Features & Benefits That Put The RETURN In Your Investment:

Live ROI Data

Wall Street does not wait for 'refreshes', logins, or data pulls and neither should you. ClickTicker™ utilizes proven, real-time, self-updating, patented, ticker technology to provide the critical data required on desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Financial markets stream live data to gauge real time performance and ROI. Thanks, to ClickTicker™ YOU can, too.

Campaign Customization

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to tracking a marketing campaign. That is why we allow you to specify multiple actions, creating a truly customized experience to meet your marketing needs. Customize the flow, from impressions to clicks to leads to conversions with™


The business world knows no borders. If you service clients in various countries, our targeting feature will allow you to redirect users to the relevant destination pages based on geo-locale. Next generation reporting backed by perfectly efficient execution

ClickTicker™ is the only licensed distributor of US Patent US 8,244,584 B1, relaying REAL TIME TRANSPARENCY™ to media buyers, everywhere. Knowledge is power. Use our knowledge and proven best of breed technology to empower your marketing campaigns.

Employee Whitelisting

Team testing can skew campaign results, but not with ClickTicker™. Whitelisting your employees will ensure that their actions do not alter the campaign's true metrics. Stop wasting time deleting irrelevant test data and start focusing on real results.

Real-Time Scrolling Ticker

Real time data updating is the heart and soul of Track your spend and revenue without ever 'pulling' a report or 'refreshing' your screen. Simply read your ticker or watch your self updating dashboard. If you cannot watch, listen… As ClickTicker’s Dynamic Dash not only provides visual alerts, but audible notifications as well. True music to your ears.™ is the future – and the future is NOW

Speed. Profits. Confidence.

Our conversion tracking platform will ROCK your world.

Until now, the online analytics space was littered with fictitious offers of real time website tracking. Most services promise but simply cannot deliver (in part due to our patent). Do not be fooled by marketing lingo and buzz words.  We offer a free trial period to put our money where our mouth is.  If™ is not the best tracking solution you have ever used… don’t pay for it.  Period.

The problem other platforms have is to gather meaningful website analytics, you have to watch for the crucial KPIs to update. Then you can pull a report that tracks your online advertising. 

ClickTicker™ is the real deal. Stream website visitor analytics and other online analytics in real-time with self-updating, live statistics, plus visual and audio alerts on customizable events.  REAL TIME, ALL THE TIME.

Remember, you cannot line your pockets with the empty promises of other affiliate tracking platforms. Our patented technology allows for at-a-glance inundation of data that matters.  Data you deem critical and can customize, ClickTicker™ is the instrument you use to capture real time reporting and optimize accordingly, eliminating overspend and capitalizing on opportunity, because fresh data is smart data.

Let the lightning-fast ClickTicker™ backbone help you and your affiliates to track impressions with TOTAL confidence…

 Live, real time updates for the transparency and trust you demand naturally creates an environment of real time optimization.  Less overspend while leveraging and maximizing profits.™ will enhance your bottom line from day one and reclassify your potential as LIMITLESS.

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All Boasting Aside… See What Our Customers Say:

"I needed a 3rd party tracking solution for clients without their own tracking software a way to accurately see their traffic, and this will do it!"

— Carrie C
C2 Media Solutions

"I love not having to click 'refresh' to watch / update stats."

— Ben from CA

"ClickTicker™ is advertising, simplified."

— Sandy from IL
Digital Agency

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